About Me

About Me

Georgie Morrell is a comedian, presenter, writer and actor. She is an award-nominated actor having recently been nominated for BBC Audio Awards Best Debut Performance. Georgie took her debut 4* show, A Poke in the Eye, to Edinburgh Fringe 2016 which transferred to the Soho Theatre. It returned to Edinburgh 2017 alongside her second full length show The Morrell High Ground to sold-out performances. Both shows are currently touring and all venues can be seen below. She is an associate artist of Extant Theatre and Soho Theatre. As heard on BBC Ouch, BBC 5Live, BBC Radio 4, Victoria Derbyshire and Channel 5. Georgie's work has resulted in magazine features including Time Out, Insight and Metro. For Spotlight CV go here.
Georgie Morrell

'Inspirational....One suspects there's much more to Morrell than this one show. A seat on Graham Norton's sofa surely awaits.'-4.5****The Reviews Hub.

'Georgie Morrell has the perfect mix of feistiness and resignation' ****-The Reviews Hub.

'Georgie Morrell burns with fire and light.'-Whats on Stage.

'Great Comic Timing,' ****-Please mind the blog..

'Georgie Morrell delivers with an infectious playfulness and determination.' **** Spy in the Stalls

'Ultimately, A Poke in the Eye was surprisingly funny and not at all what I was expecting. I, along with the rest of the audience was thoroughly entertained. In my mind, I would have loved it to go on longer but then realized that we were dealing with someone's disability here. I have to admit that if the worst ever happens to me, I hope I can face it with half the strength of character that Georgie showed because then I know I will survive.' -London Pub Theatres 1

'As soon as Georgie bounds out onto the floor, you can see how she managed to find humor even in this dark period of her life. She gives off waves of positive energy and seems like a woman very much in control of her audience, engaging everyone so confidently you wouldn't expect she only has one good eye. '-Metro Blind Sport-2016.

'Still, the caustic stand-up, known as "The Duchess" to her nearest and dearest, isn't seeking to be pitied or patronized, revealing herself to have been a petulant teenager who took her frustrations out on the doctors who cared for her. In part, a series of touching snapshots of a family rallying round itself, The Morrell High Ground is also a mea culpa and veneration of the NHS, with the comic denouncing changes to disability benefits as they grow ever more tangled in bureaucratic red tape.' Fest Mag 2017.

'She hooks you in by chatting like a best mate and before you know it, you've learnt something important, a very rare skill indeed"-Beth Vyse.

'Brilliant Raconteur.'-Richard Gadd.

Georgie Morrell

'The Morrell High Ground sees Morrell unpack some of the taboos surrounding disabilities, weaving her own experiences in with touching anecdotes of her parents, all to the backdrop of the struggling NHS. It's a raw, unapologetic personal account from Morrell of her experiences growing up with a form of arthritis as well as numerous eye problems.' Holly Mahoney.

Morrell is a natural comedian and performer these are, after all, two show all about her. She is confident and sarcastic, she doesn't take herself too seriously. Its warming, relaxing and immediately means that she can engage the audience.'-Miro Magazine.

'I was deeply impressed by Georgie Morrell verve and candour. She's a refreshing young performer and I greatly look forward to seeing her tread the boards of disability arts gigs in future.'-Disability Arts Online.

Disability Arts International Pick of the Fringe 2017. "Georgie Morrell, The Morrell High Ground. Visually impaired stand up Georgie Morrell had audiences in stitches for her debut A Poke in the Eye. Expect a hilarious confessional with measured jibes at sighted society."

"Get a look in for tickets if you can. And keep your good eye open for sightings of this remarkable actor and 'semi-visionary' writer."
A Poke in the Eye M. Laura Thomas, London Pub Theatres 2015


Latest Updates. Georgie's 3rd solo show 'Eyecon' is being commissioned by the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich. AND is in development with Pleasance Theatre London Litmus Fest. Next stop is Leicester Comedy festival February 2019 http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/georgie-morrell-work-in-progress/

Listen to Georgie latest new stand up material-https://youtu.be/7gewXqhNZJw

Georgie's debut 4* show A Poke in the Eye will have its final outing this Saturday @notinghamcomedyfest! Tickets-https://t.co/v6CJqy9J6V #APITE

Georgie is an ambasador for this terrific charity too-http://www.wilberforcetrust.org.uk/2018/07/a-poke-in-the-eye-review/

4**** reviews for Georgie Morrell in Libby's Eyes. Georgie Morrell has the perfect mix of feistiness and resignation' ****-The Reviews Hub. ''Georgie Morrell burns with fire and light.'-What's on Stage.

Georgie latest script 'Georgie's Guide to Being Blind' has been longlisted for the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award and shortlisted for BBC Comedy Writers Room.

Georgie was thrilled to host comedy workshops for RNIB's See the Funny Side in Birmingham. Here is a happy student's lovely blog-https://tafsilamme.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/see-the-funny-side/

Pleasure to feature in this piece for Disability Arts Online-http://www.disabilityarts.online/magazine/opinion/going-underground-vault-festival-londons-biggest-arts-explosion/

Georgie's taking down more misconceptions! A little bit of fun doing this for Metro UK Online. http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/08/what-its-like-to-date-when-youre-blind-7041772/

More about Georgie's lead role in BBC Radio 4 drama 'Jayne Lake' here from the writer Matthew Graham himself. https://scifibulletin.com/books/audiobooks/jayne-lake-interview-matthew-graham/

Georgie will be appearing on the panel for Unrest Film Screening, a film tackling misconceptions about ME. https://billetto.co.uk/e/join-us-for-a-screening-of-unrest-a-q-a-at-the-horse-hospital-london-tickets-222394

Hear Georgie's most recent interview with Kris Wallace on RNIB Connect Radio- https://audioboom.com/posts/6386803-georgie-takes-the-morrell-high-ground

Hear her for the RNIB @ Glastonbury https://www.rnib.org.uk/Glastonbury?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_post&utm_campaign=glastonbury2017&utm_content=glastonbury_social

A Poke in the Eye had some cracking reviews! http://www.thereviewshub.com/brighton-fringe-georgie-morrell-a-poke-in-the-eye-the-warren// https://www.londontheatre1.com/news/149345/georgie-morrell-a-poke-in-the-eye-soho-theatre-review. /

Georgie has made several TV and radio appearances listed below. You can catch her on BBC Ouch, BBC 5 Live and Time Out magazine talking about her comedy and disability awareness. https://youtu.be/NXKeALwEsPo/

Time Out feature. https://www.timeout.com/london/blog/meet-the-partially-sighted-london-comedian-turning-blindness-into-lols-032217/

BBC Ouch appearance- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/disability-39379547/georgie-morrell-my-brother-still-pranked-me-after-i-went-blind

Interview BBC5 Live-http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08nrj7l

A Poke in the Eye is being developed for radio with producer Andy Goddard. Watch this space for more updates!


Georgie Morrell: Eyecon.

A Wolsey Theatre Testing Ground Commission from BBC Audio award nominated comedian Georgie Morrell. She is back with her third brand new work in progress solo show.

Keep an eye out for...Eyecon.

Eyecon is in Work in progress. Catch it at the Leicester Comedy Festival next year. Tickets-http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/georgie-morrell-work-in-progress/

A Poke in the Eye

Georgie Morrell

A Poke in the Eye is Georgie 4* debut solo show. It has had two Edinburgh runs, transfer to Soho Theatre and Phoenix Artist Club and has bow ahd its final performance in 2018. For details about the show please email Georgie for a chat. A Poke in the Eye the part autobiographical, part fiction, part sexy new comedy written by partially-sighted comedian Georgie Morrell. Georgie Morrell is an award-nominated comedian, actress, writer and campaigner. She's outspoken. She's punky. She's blind in one eye. And ten years ago, she went blind in the other eye too. Just to see what it was like (lol). Did the doctors save it? Did she crack on to them? Is she allowed back at the eye hospital? Book now to hear stories of eye surgery, sexual fantasies, family drama and what "blind drunk" really means. Going blind: a visionary career move.

The Morrell High Ground

Georgie Morrell - The Morrell High Ground Georgie Morrell Georgie Morrell second show has finsihed touring but please contact her for any details about it. Can disability finally bring sexy back? Can Georgie save the NHS?! Is the benefits system as doomed as Ken Loach depicts? Are NHS doctors hotter than private ones? Why cant disability be mega lolz? Some of the essential questions Georgie ask whilst taking you through her journey and tackling the political and social implications of what it really is to be disabled today. Find out how Georgie sees 21st century disability through her one eye!

Show 3


Can't make Georgie's gigs? Well don't worry, you can see her in action on her YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcA7WXcB3TIeWiEB_Y--o-w?view_as=subscriber

PREVIEW! 24th July 6.45pm Great Yorkshire Fringe, York., Guildford.

PREVIEW! 23rd July 9pm Guildford Fringe, Guildford.

PREVIEW! 19th July 7pm Battersea Arts Centre, London.

PREVIEW! 18th July 8pm Bedford Fringe, Quarry Theatre, London.

17th May 2019 7.30pm. Comedy Bar, Luton.

3rd April 2019 7.30pm. Owl Comedy @ Old White Lion, Finchley, London. 2019.

28th March 2019 7.30pm. East Dulwich Comedy, London

25th March 2019 7.30pm. Edinburgh Preview with Richard Stott. The Phoenix Artist Club, London. 2019.

18th March 2019 7.30pm. Comedy East, The White Hart, London

t6h March 7.30pm. Bourne West @ Rosemary Branch Theatre, London 2018.

13th March 2019 7.30pm. Comedy East, The White Hart, London

6th March 2019 7.30pm. Comedy East, The White Hart, London

4th March 2019 7.30pm. Hoopla Fresh, London. 2019.

1st March 2019 7.30pm. Cafe Moda Comedy Covent Garden, London.

16th February 2019 7.30pm. Cafe Moda Comedy Covent Garden, London.

9th February 2019 7.30pm. Rubber Shark @ South Kensington Comedy Club, London 2019.

8th February 2019 7.30pm. Kayal, Leicester Comedy Festival.

6th February 2019 7.30pm. Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion, The Corner Shop, London

4th February 2019 7.30pm. Comedy East, The White Hart, London

24th January 2019 7.30pm. Juilette's Happy Hour @ Canvas Cafe, London.

19th January 7.30pm. Bourne West @ Rosemary Branch Theatre, London 2018.

18th January 7.30pm. Rubber Shark @ South Kensington Comedy Club, London 2018.

10th December 7.30pm. The Miller, London 2018.

30th November, 7.30pm. Rubber Shark @ South Kensington Comedy Club, London 2018.

10th November A Poke in the Eye. The Understudy @ The Lord Roberts, Nottingham Comedy Festival 2018.

4th November, 7.30pm. South Kensington Comedy Club, London 2018.

26th October 7.30pm. Quarry Theatre-St Luke's, Bedford Fringe Festival. 2018.

22nd October, 7.30pm. Healing Comedy Club, London 2018.

22nd October, 7.30pm. Icarus Comedy, London 2018.

21st October, 7.30pm. Big Nose Comedy, London 2018.

18th October, 7.30pm. Lady Likes Comedy, London 2018.

15th October, 7.30pm. Goose and Moose, South Kensington Comedy Club, Toy and Loop Pub, London 2018.

29th/30th September 8.15pm/6.15pm Pleasance Theatre London. 2018.

22nd September, 7.30pm. Bourne West, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London 2018.

19th Septemebr 7.30pm. Owl Comedy, The White Lion, London 2018.

13th August. 8.20pm. Accessibility Gala-Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2018.

24th August 9pm. Container Theatre programme, Carlisle Fringe, 2018.

22nd July 7pm. The Basement, Great Yorkshire Fringe, 2018.

14th July, 4.10pm Acoustic Pub, Brighton Pride, Brighton. 2018.

7th July Bourne West, The Rosemary Branch, London 2018.

11th June-5th July (Mondays and Thursdays) Libby's Eyes @The Bunker Theatre, London 2018.

11th-13th May 4.30pm. The Burrow, The Warren, Brighton Fringe Festival 2018.

4th/5th May 8.30pm/5.30pm. Eyecon: WIP, Wandsworth Fringe Festival, London 2018. Tickets-https://www.wandsworthfringe.com/whats-on-2018/eyecon?spektrix_bounce=true

24th April 7.30pm @ Aces and Eights, London..

27th March, 7.30pm. Beasts of Hoxton, London. 2018.

5th March. 5.30/7pm. DOUBLE BILL of Georgie Morrell. Theatre Royal Nottingham.

4th March, 7pm Depresstival, The Others, London. 2018.

24th February, 5.30pm DOUBLE BILL. The Little Theatre, Leicester Comedy Festival, Leicester. 2018. https://www.thelittletheatre.net/whats-on/

27th January 4.30pm, Eyecon, Work In Progress @ The Vaults-Vaults Festival, London.2018

20th January, 7.30pm. New Word Order, Rosemary Branch Theatre London.

11th December, 7.30pm DDG Jam! Improv, Effra Social, London.

3rd December, Kanga and Roo Host an improv night at The Miller, London.

2nd December, 11pm, Late Night Rising @ Soho Theatre, London.

19th November 7pm, C3 Improv Stand up @ The Horse and Stables London. 6pm London.

14th November 7.30pm, Priority Seat Cabaret @ Gerry's Cafe Stratford, London.

4th November 8pm Brewery Comedy @ Windsor and Eton Brewery, Windsor.

26th October. The Morrell High Ground, Gulliver's Lounge @ 10pm as part Women in Comedy Festival Manchester.

20th October 7.30pm Mind Yourself Charity Night, Irish Culture Centre, London.

19th October 7.30pm The Morrell High Ground. Star of Kings, London.

17th October 7pm A Poke in the Eye, Phoenix Arts Club, London.

12th October 9.30pm @The Bill Murray, London. The Paul Whitelaw Experience.

24th September. 6.30pm Fanny's your Aunt @ The Selkirk, London.

28th September 7pm. TNL Improv.

16th September 7pm. New Word Order, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London.

8th September 7pm Podcast Adventures-live recording @ Leicester Square Theatre

A Poke in the Eye @ 8.30pm. 4th-28th August. Cabaret Voltaire, Cinema Room. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Morrell High Ground @ 3pm. 2nd-28th August Daisy, Med Quad @ Underbelly. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

23rd July @ C3, The Miller 7pm, London 2017.

16th July 4pm Walthamstow Garden Party for the Soho Theatre, London 2017.

22nd July @ 3pm, Soho Theatre, London 2017.

21st July The Morrell High Ground @ 8pm Kings Head Theatre, London 2017.

18th July @ 8pm, Canvas Cafe-Brick Lane, London 2017.

14th July The Morrell High Ground @ 8pm Kings Head Theatre, London 2017.

8th Rose and Crown: Mixed Bill ED Fringe Previews, London 2017.

1st July @ Oxford Off the Beat Festival 6pm @ Old Fire Station Studio Oxford. 2017

24th June 8pm @ Seven Dials Comedy, Covent Garden, London. 2017

14th June @9.30pm. Old Red Lion @ Brick Lane. The Old Truman Brewery (91-95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL.

23rd-25th May 8pm @ The Warren-Studio 3, Brighton Fringe Festival 2017.

28th May 7.30pm @ Vaulty Towers, London. 2017

5th May. 7.30pm @ RC Comedy, Rose and Crown Kentish Town. .2017

16th May @ 7.30pm Wise Crack Comedy, Tram Depot Cambridge. 2017.

28th April 7.30pm @ Starfish Comedy, London. 2017

26th April Kanga and Roo @ The Miller, 5 a Side Improv, London. 2017

14th April Kanga and Roo @ The Nursery Improv, London. 2017

5th April 7.30pm @ CMP Comedy Club, Pj McGintys & Sons, 15 Northgate Street, IP1 3 Ipswich, Suffolk

3rd April 9.15pm @ The Night, Zedel Bar, London.

25th March 7.30pm. Edinburgh preview. @ RC Comedy @ Rose and Crown, Kentish Town London.

18th March 2.30pm Soho Comedy Lab, Soho Theatre, London.

19th March 6pm Finding the Funny, Camden Comedy Club, London.

16th 7.30pm Hatch #2 Southwark Platform, London.

8th March. @ Backyard Comedy Club. BBC Ouch! Live Storytelling Event.

3rd March 7.30pm @ RC Comedy, Rose and Crown Kentish Town. .2017

2nd March 7.30pm @ Newham Smokers, Darwin College, Cambridge.2017.

23rd and 25th February @ The Regent Bar and Duffys, Leicester Comedy Festival 2017.

9th Feb 73.30th Vyse Squad, Camden Comedy Club, London.

3rd February London Improv Theatre, London. @2017.

18thJanuary, the Miller, Hoopla Improv, London.

2nd January, The Night @ The Bill Murray, London.

17th December, Soho Theatre, London.

13th December, RC Comedy, London.

24th November, Comedy Mash, Folkstone.

26th October The Diodes Harold Improv @ The Arts Space, London

24th October A Poke in the Eye, Women in Comedy Night @ Gullivers Lounge, Manchester.

22nd and 23rd October Compere/MC for Open Mic Women in Comedy Night @ Gullivers Lounge, Manchester.

20th October-SUTC, Blackpool Tower. 7.30pm.

18th October- Brew Ha Ha, Essex. 7.30pm.

11th and 12th October 7pm. Soho Theatre-A Poke in the Eye.

19th September The Diodes Improv-The Katzen.

16th September- Starfish Comedy, London

4th-28th August. A Poke in the Eye @ Just the Tonic-The Caves. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

29th July 7pm Hope N Mics. Fundraising for RSLB @Kobi Nazrul Centre

19th-9.30pm / 23rd 2.30pm July 2016: A Poke in the Eye @ Kings Head Theatre #46 Festival

17th July 2016 1.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Fringe in a Day, Angel Comedy, London.

9th July 2016: Brainchild Comedy Night @ BrainChild Festival. http://2016.brainchildfestival.co.uk

8th July 2016:7.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Hen & Chickens. Double bill with Naomi Petersen!

30th June 2016 Guest Appearance on 'Ed and Friends' Podcast

17th June 2016. Guest Appearance on The LIL Show @theLILshow

14th June 2016 7.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Backyard Comedy Club.

12th May 2016 7.30pm Monkey Toast Improv @ Clapham Omnibus

9 March 2016: Crowley & Co. Variety Night @ Wenlock & Essex


Georgie is an award-nominated actor and voice-over artist having trained at Drama Studio London on a Dada scholarship graduating in 2011. Her most recent credit is the lead in BBC Radio 4 Drama Jayne Lake by Matthew Graham and directed by Kate Rowland. Here is her CV for full credits and voicereel.- this link


Georgie is a comedy writer and blogger for The Huffington Post. She was shortlisted for BBC Comedy Writers Room, Longlisted for Funny Women's Comedy Award, Shortlisted for BBC Radio 4 2018 comedy commission and is a writing mentor for Extant Theatre Company. Her Radio sitcom A Poke in the Eye is in development with Andy Goddard and Ed Morrish. Georgie is an associate writer with Silver Salt films. She is a freelance theatre director having trained with the Young Vic's SpringBoard course March 2018. If you want her to write, direct or produce something then drop her an email below. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/georgie-morrell/the-dark-years-growing-up_b_17377206.html?1499151587.

Georgie Morrell is a freelance workshop facilitator. She specializes in comedy workshops focusing on comedic storytelling, stand up and the development of solo shows. Georgie works extensively with disabled young people as a workshop facilitator to having worked with RNIB's See the Funny Side. Extant, The Playing Space and Royal Society for Blind Children. Georgie workshops focus on young adults disabled and non-disabled, developing their comedic voice, confidence and public speaking. Additionally, Georgie teaches drama for several London stage schools and directs there shows. Lastly, Georgie works regularly incorporate acting and training. Her credits include Simpatico, Kaplan, Sminty Ltd, Google, various London schools talks, Unrest ME filming screening and the RNIB. She is available for the public speaking engagement corporate training and workshops. Please email-morrellgeorgie@gmail.com For full CV drop me an email and for public speaking engagements please go to-https://www.unictalks.org/arts-celebrities-culture/ or contact her agent.



For general inquiries please email Georgie- morrellgeorgie@outlook dot com. For work queries, bookings and more please contact Georgie's agent Andrew. EMAIL: andrew@andrewroachtalent.com. CALL: 020 8315 6533